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My first Blog Post - The Sun

Welcome to Windows of Wisdom!

How appropriate to pull this card as my first blog post. This Sun Card is exactly how I feel as I start on my new endeavor. The meaning of The Sun card indicates illumination, newness, and the effects of personal power. What we believe we create! Do you like what you’ve been creating lately? Sometimes the key to liberation is to take a risk and follow the path of this young child, riding naked into the sunlight. There are no issues like fear, shame, guilt etc., holding him/her back from taking the journey. The Sun represents faith and illumination of all the possibilities. The only prisons that exist are the prisons of our own mind.

You need to feel validated and appreciated for who you are and what you want to accomplish. Seeking to unite your career with your “higher calling” also falls under this card’s influence.

Today is a day to understand the need to look beyond surface appearances. You are at the dawn of a new day, a journey in self-discovery. You must first face yourself completely and know yourself as you truly are not as you think you should be. This is the key-the first step of finding what will fill the void in your life. Happiness is a choice, not a destination. What can fulfill you lies within your own soul, not over some distant horizon. You can choose liberation and empowerment right now, at this very moment.

Enjoy the day! Don’t forget to dream and feel the Sun’s warmth in your soul brightening the way!

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