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The Seven of Cups

Today's Tarot - The Seven of Cups

The Seven of Cups talks about having to make decisions and pin things down. It indicates you are in a period of confusion or self doubt. Searching for the truth ..... too many options.

It also indicates having pie in the sky hopes.. Could it be that what you are wishing for is a bit unrealistic? Or perhaps you just aren't doing anything to get yourself there, hence the dreams remaining in the sky. Possibly in a period of difficulty and unexpected events presenting too many options to choose from.

The Seven of Cups always challenges us to keep reaching for our dreams, and rather than sit around wishing or hoping, narrow things down and then take action on one of your goals. Those who work on their goals routinely tend to be the "luckiest". Time to stop procrastinating. If you find you are a procrastinator at the moment it is time to analyze the situation a little further. Why aren't we taking action? Narrow things down, decide on a goal and work towards achieving it. Work a little each day towards your long-term goals to stay on track.

When we aren't doing what we truly want to do, when there is not enough fire behind the dream to keep us moving, we are chasing the wrong dreams. Begin to really think about what makes you happy, aside from the material things like money, etc.. what inside fires you up? Pursue this path at least a little bit as often as you can. That way you always have a dream you are working towards, and you are always alive with hope and enthusiasm.

Focus on the positives in your life, direct that positive light on the darkness. Don't fixate on pie in the sky illusions. Now is a good time for a reality check.

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