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Today's Tarot - The Ace of Cups

Today's Tarot - The Ace of Cups

Today's card is a symbol of great joy and abundant creative energy. In this card we see the flow of water from heaven into the cup as it spills over. The message is one of Divine inspiration, spiritual fortitude, creative energy all flowing in abundance into your life today should you choose to look for them.

Although you are able to recognize the blessings in your life, at this time you may feel something is still missing or you are feeling that you are not using your fullest potential. The Ace of Cups also challenges us to let go of the struggle and allow the Higher Power to lead. When we release our need to be in control we open our energy up to allow the Divine to intervene. Thoughts of worry or want lead to feelings of lack and can draw more to you. Worry is like praying for something you do NOT want.

Today is a good day to say "thank you" for all the blessings you have received thereby opening the door for more to flow in. Get inspired today! Be creative in all your ventures, and be willing to try something new. Today is a day of happy surprises and discovery as things will flow well.

This card is also a reminder that it is better to not struggle with "what should I do?" and rather just go with the flow and allow Spirit to lead in times of doubt or confusion. Aces always stand for new beginnings and cups represent emotion. Sometimes these new emotional beginnings can be difficult, even painful. Rely on your inner strength to help you through to see clear to watch the new beginning unfold.

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